Turn your closet

In to cash

Plus size community-powered fashion
  • List your clothing

    Snap a photo of the item you want to sell, fill in a description, set the price, and you're done!

  • Ship to buyers

    Sell an item? Pack your item, print a label and drop it off at your local USPS mailbox.

  • Get paid out with PayPal

    Connect your PayPal email and get paid out directly to your account. Slayboo

Slayboo fees and charges

Slayboo charges a 10% fee for all sales made through on our Marketplace. This is automatically charged on the total transaction amount including shipping costs.

Why does Slayboo charge 10%?

Slayboo charges a 10% selling fee for sales on the platform. Our 10% fee is in place to keep the app up and running, release new features.

Unlike many other selling platforms, at Slayboo we only charge you when you make a sale, this means there are no fees for the length of time your item has been listed for or any initial costs to list the item.

Arranging my own shipping

The shipping cost you chose will be paid to you with the funds from the sale. The Slayboo fee will be 10% of the total sale (item cost + shipping)

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